Underarms – Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Axillary Hyperhidrosis – Underarm Excessive Sweating

Axillary hyperhidrosis is another form of excessive sweating, in this case affecting the underarms. It appears that this can be hereditary as there is a familial tendancy. If you think you may be suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis you should discuss it with your medical professional and allow them to diagnose the affliction. Your physician should take into account the amount of sweating and the impact that it has on your daily life.

While not life threatening axillary hyperhidrosis is embarrassing and can cause isolation and make people reclusive. The unforgettable feelings of people seeing the sweat stains on your clothing coupled with the sweaty, damp feeling of the sweat itself, the condition can really negatively impact on a person’s life.

Treatments for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

There are viable treatments out there for this. They work. They can be combined. Most are safe.


Antiperspirants are your first defence against underarm sweating. They’re easy to apply and there’s a huge range of them for you to choose from. They range in strength from ‘regular’ product that you can buy in any store to the ‘clinical strength’ prescription only antiperspirants. There are clinical strength ones that you can buy over-the-counter that are as effective as prescription antiperspirants. Take a look at these easily available antiperspirants called Certain Dri and Secret Clinical.


Axillary hyperhidrosis sweat absorbant t-shirt

Kleinert’s sweat proof t-shirts are a recommended sweat absorbent clothing

Sweat Absorbent Clothing:

A fantastic new line of absorbent clothing is available for anyone suffering from excessive – or normal – underarms sweating. This includes absorbent undershirts and tee shirts, ladies absorbent dress protectors and absorbent underarm pads.

These absorbing garments have been given excellent independent reviews and are becoming more and more popular for people on nights out and business men and women to wear under their work clothing.



If antiperspirants don’t give you the relief you need, your next option may be Botox (also known as onabotulinumtoxinA). Although this can be a little painful for some I think this depends on the medical professional that you are using. Some have seen fantastic results lasting over 6 months.


This is the use of a machine to generate a small current that inhibits the sweat ducts and reduces (by a lot in many cases) the amount of sweat produced from that area. The iontophoresis machine can be purchased and used at home or you can go to a clinic and they will create session plan for you. In general you have a 20-30 minute session every 2-3 days initially for around 2 weeks at most usually. You should start noticing a big difference after this amount of time. You should only then need a sort of top-up session every week or 2 or when you feel your hands start to become a little damp again. You can read more on Tap Water Iontophoresis here.

Hyperhidrosis miradrymiraDry

A treatment actually cleared by US FDA for axillary hyperhidrosis. Fantastic results have been seen from this treatment. In one study of 28 patients, carried out at the University of British Columbia and presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, researchers found the machine reduced sweating by 83 per cent.

Developed by California-based Miramar Labs Inc, the hand-held device is connected to a machine that generates microwave energy. After the patient is given a local anaesthetic, the hand piece — which looks like a large joystick — is placed against the armpit, where it generates microwave energy powerful enough to destroy sweat glands up to five millimetres beneath the skin. At the same time, a built-in cooling system stops the skin burning.

Each armpit takes about half-an-hour to treat, after which the patient takes painkillers and uses ice packs for a few days to combat any swelling. The procedure is repeated three months later to wipe out any remaining glands. Although the body sweats heavily through the armpits, the number of glands destroyed account for less than five per cent of the four million total, which means the body is still able to regulate its temperature effectively.


August 25th, 2015 by Lee