Tap Water Iontophoresis Unit

Tap Water Iontophoresis Unit

I can tell you that Iontophoresis worked wonders for me and I fully expect that for the majority of people it would do the same. When I bought my tap water Iontophoresis unit I was a little disjointed by the cost but when it actually worked I felt that I would have paid twice the asking price!

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If your nails look like this guy’s, take my bit of advice in the post.

What is a Tap Water Iontophoresis unit?

A tap water iontophoresis unit is used to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the hands, feet and armpits – armpits requiring additional pads for use. There’s a huge array of these

machines but they all pretty much do the same job. The machine is used either in a clinic or if you have one yourself, at home. Treatment last around 20-30 mins and is totally painless, although you’re very likely to feel a sort of pins and needles effect. You essentially add tap water to machine trays and set up the tray as per the instructions. Once you have it set up correctly then you place your hands in the trays and either listen to some music and sing a long for 30 minutes or sit and ponder the big questions in life. CLICK HERE to see the video of a very popular Iontophoresis System.

However, take heed from somebody who knows – if you bite your nails quite badly, or you have cuts anywhere on the parts of the body you are applying this to, then make sure you either cover the cuts in petroleum jelly before you start your treatment or wait until your nails grow back a bit and the cuts have healed. If you ignore this advice you’ll really rather wish you hadn’t – ouch! It won’t damage you in any way but it darn well stings a bit.

Can Everyone Use This Treatment?

I would say use your head a little bit and always make sure you check with your Doctor before you start running a current around your body. Anyone with a pacemaker, a metal implant of some sort or if you’re pregnant, it should be an immediate no. If you’re unsure go and see someone in your local clinic and they’ll surely advise you.

tap water iontophoresis unit 2Underarm Care

Your underarms are usually more sensitive than other parts of your body. Any man like me who thought that shaving their underarms at some point in life will have noticed this. Your underarms don’t get much exposure to the wear and tear of daily life. This could lead to underarm Iontophoresis being a little uncomfortable if not done correctly. Make sure your current is low and the pads are wet enough. If not you could end up with red marks or even slight burns if you’re not careful. Start steady, don’t just jump in a ramp up the current.

How Often Should I Use Iontophoresis?

In the first few weeks it appears that many advise on doing a session every couple of days. This is exactly what I did. Most, including myself, will find that after 4 or 5 sessions that you your hands are becoming dry. Once you’ve reached this point it’s a case of doing ‘top up’ or ‘maintenance’ sessions when you feel that your hands are getting clammy again. I do it once a week and don’t have any further problems while keeping up this level of treatment.

A great bit of advice – if after 4-5 sessions you are not feeling any benefit, don’t worry it may be your tap water at fault here. Many areas have water that is too soft for it work. If this is the case then put a couple of teaspoons of baking soda into the water prior to treatment. This help the process and irons out the water issue.

Is It Expensive?tap water iontophoresis unit cost

That depends on how you view this really and also it seems that it depends, which country you are in. Prices can range from around $700 – $2300, which can be a little steep if you’re on a tight budget. I have come across rental machines too, where you rent to buy. Most do this with good returns policies because they know that this works so well that people will almost definitely end up purchasing it – just like I did. A sufferer may weigh up the cost of a tap water iontophoresis unit against living a normal life and will generally feel that a world without sweaty palms, feet or armpits is well worth the cost of the machine. People pay thousands of dollars on facial improvement because they don’t like their nose or ears, so why wouldn’t somebody with a debilitating affliction spend less than that to get rid of it.

How Does it Work?

The Science Behind Iontophoresis

The Science Behind Iontophoresis – or Possibly Not.

I really have no idea! I know that sounds bad considering I’m trying to build a website to inform you of everything sweaty. The comforting thing is that I don’t think anyone else really knows either. Most of the research appears to point towards it blocking the sweat duct but without causing damage to the sweat gland. If you really want to understand the science then by all means I applaud you for trying and please leave me a comment if you can relay that back to me in terms that I can fully understand.

Where Can I Buy an Iontophoresis Machine?

Please see my recommended product pages for suitable machines. I will only recommend products that I truly believe in and have experience of. I take recommendations from my community and also from highly rated items. If I don’t think the product is any good, it won’t be featured here. Take a look at my reviews for iontophoresis machines by hovering your mouse pointer of the ‘Solutions’ heading in the menu.

August 28th, 2015 by Lee