August 21st, 2015 by Lee

I Have Sweaty Feet – And Smelly Shoes!

I know I have sweaty feet, but WHY do I have sweaty feet? A question, in whatever form, heard many times from people of all walks of life. Most of us have a pair of them at the end of our legs, and most of them sweat like a trooper during a long hard day on our feet. There are over 250,000 lovely sweat glands in our feet, producing anything up to a half cup of sweat a day. It’s pretty obvious then why some people have rather sweaty and somewhat smelly feet. Probably the biggest cause would be shoes – our bodies probably haven’t had time to evolve and adjust to wearing trainers and winkle pickers as yet. Anyone who has been on their feet for hours while wearing work boots will know the sweet aroma that forms inside them.

Tiny Ecosystem!

I have sweaty feet

Who hasn’t done this?

The perspiration and warmth inside the shoe provides ideal conditions for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Believe it or not the odour is actually produced as the bacteria consume dead skin cells and moisture and in turn produce waste material. It’s the waste material you can smell inside those trainers! The more physical activity you do, the more your feet perspire, the higher the bacterial growth, the greater the bacterial waste production, which in causes odour to intensify.

Nature has had the majority hand in the sweaty foot issue. Our feet have more sweat glands per inch of skin than any other part of the body and these glands produce sweat all the time, not just when it’s hot or when you exercise as other parts of the body do. Unfortunately for the male population, in general men have larger feet and therefore more sweat.

For The Greater Good?

The sweating is natures way of keeping our skin moist and supple so that the skin on our feet can withstand all the constant flexing, squashing and squeezing that goes on with every step we take. Without a lot of sweating, the skin on our feet would rapidly become very dry and cracked, and walking could become very painful.

However, sometimes sweating is simply too excessive. But this is rarely the main problem – what bothers most people is the smell that comes with it. This type of Hyperhidrosis is similar in vein to that of having sweaty palms, only perhaps a little more hidden.

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