Stop Facial Sweating When Nervous

Can I Stop Facial Sweating When Nervous?

OK so this is a post looking at a recent find for the website that some people have been raving about. This isn’t a sales pitch at all but I wanted to post this as it was sent to me by Tracy, a friend of mine who I’ve known since I was at school, and she helps with the website every so often – because I’m too impatient!

In all honesty I’d never even heard of these but they’re a brand of wipes that are safe to use on your face and according to the many excellent reviews, will stop your facial sweating when nervous, or even if it’s a general hyperhidrosis issue.

They don’t cure your facial sweating but if you’re going out for the evening or you’re a bit anxious about something and you want to stop facial sweating when nervous, these could be the answer. They can be used on your underarms too – well actually they can be used on any sweaty body part according to the manufacturer but most appear to use them on the face and underarms.

I know from past experience that sweat and dark shirts don’t mix for men. In fact even now I often wear a white t-shirt under my shirt to absorb any additional sweat from my underarms. Shiny, moist looking faces for women are a definite no no. Now it would seem there’s a simple and fairly cheap solution to both of these problems that is easy to apply and by all accounts works wonders for those nights out partying, when you know you might get a little sweaty.

The really interesting thing is that they’re safe to use on your face, and in fact it seems

Stop Facial Sweating When Nervous

Instruction for use of the Sweat Shield Ultra Wipes

that’s what most people use them for. Underarms would appear to be the next favourite area to apply this. Don’t take my word for it all, have a quick look yourself on the link below. It has excellent ratings and for what is essentially $17 it seems like a no-brainer try out to me.

As with anything I would make sure that check out any allergens, or at least make sure you test the wipes on a part of your body not exposed first. this would make sure that you’re not going to get any allergic reactions. I don’t think there have been many reports of reactions but in today’s society with the amount of allergies present, it’s best to check!

Anybody who has used these wipes or goes on to try this please come back and let me know how you get on with it. It would be great to have some feedback from our community on this product, Of course if you don’t wish to comment below you can always send me an email on

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