Shoes Ruined by Sweat

Are Your Shoes Ruined by Sweat?

If you suffer from excessively sweaty feet then you may find your shoes ruined by sweat – not to mention the smell that your shoes emanate when you take them off! These are typical complaints for many people, let alone those who suffer with sever cases of plantar hyperhidrosis.

Here is a Sweaty Solutions quick guide to dealing with sweaty feet:

Daily Foot Hygiene
It’s a good idea to keep on top of your foot hygiene if you suffer from sweaty feet. It doesn’t take long for the bacteria to build up given a warm and moist home to live.

  • Shoes ruined by sweat

    Soaking you feet in salt water is highly effective for cleansing them – it’s very relaxing too.

    Wash your feet every morning and evening with warm soapy water. If there is door then it’s advisable to use an anti-bacterial soap. Salt water is also a fantastic cleanser and soaking your feet in warm salt water is also a great stress reliever, so you get a double win by doing this.

  • Dry your feet thoroughly and you could even apply surgical spirit to help toughen the skin and pores.
  • Apply either talcum powder or an antiperspirant and then put on your socks. You can buy socks that are specifically designed for people with sweaty feet, which include anti-bacterial properties and absorbents. You can buy some quality ‘wicking socks’ HERE (USA) or HERE (UK)
  • If you need to, change your socks half way through the day. Admittedly, carrying a spare pair of socks with you isn’t always possible.
  • Try not to wear the same pair of shoes daily, which should give your shoes time to dry out and become a little more fresh.
  • Careful consideration of footwear and socks is essential. Well-fitting shoes made of leather, which allow your feet to breathe, are best. Athletic shoes using nylon mesh for breathability are also recommended for sweaty feet.
  • Insoles absorb most of the sweat and they are the source of food for the bacteria. Buy some cheap carbon based insoles and dispose of these and renew after a timescale you feel works for you. You can buy some excellent absorbing and odor eating insoles HERE (USA) and HERE (UK)
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