Living With Hyperhidrosis

Living With Hyperhidrosis

Living with hyperhidrosis

Living with hyperhidrosis can be a lonely and draining life.

If you are living with hyperhidrosis, you will already understand that people need to recognise the physical difficulties, the mental cost and of course the monetary cost. People who are living with hyperhidrosis generally don’t share their affliction with people because of the embarrassment this causes. As with any problem not shared, this is detrimental to health in a variety of ways. Some who are affected in the worst possible way even take to staying indoors and avoiding social situations.

As a sufferer myself I understand this and can completely sympathise with anyone who hides away and struggles with ‘normal’ human contact.

What Is The Cost?

As mentioned above there are various ‘costs’ to living with hyperhidrosis:

Physical – When thinking about the physical cost we can’t assume that everyone is a primary hyperhidrosis sufferer.

  • Primary hyperhidrosis being that which is as a direct result of an overactive sympathetic nervous system.
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis is a form of excessive sweating caused by secondary sources such as being overweight, being a smoker, having an unhealthy lifestyle or having some underpinning medical condition.

Secondary physical issues that people living with hyperhidrosis find include an increase in body odour. This is again another reason to avoid many situations in their life.

Mental Health – Living with hyperhidrosis can affect the sufferer’s confidence. This can force them into avoidance of social situations. Removing themselves from normal human contact and socialising can have a huge detrimental effect on their mental health.

Actual Monetary Costs – Cures are not cheap. Iontophoresis can be in the $100’s whether you buy a machine, rent one or pay a clinic to have treatment. Even if you’re buying wipes or antiperspirants, although the cost per item is pretty low, the cost adds up over a long period of time. There’s always a cost to trial and error with the products as well – not all products will be suitable, so finding the ones that do work can be costly.

Living with hyperhidrosis and sharing your affliction

Sharing your affliction can bring help and comfort

How Can I Share This With People?

Even though we all know that there are 1000’s of people who are living with hyperhidrosis of some form, it’s really of little help. I do think it’s important though to share this with others and speak to them about your experiences. You’ll be amazed at the REAL advice you can get from REAL people who suffer from this. There are a huge amount of companies that are advertising numerous cures and help advice. In general though companies that are providing a service are trying to sell that service to you.

The most effective way to find out what works and what doesn’t is to speak to those who are in the same situation as you. You’ll find comfort, companionship and oodles of advice and help.

Can Sweaty Solutions Help Me?

I’m an actual sufferer of hyperhidrosis myself and I wholly understand the issues and the problems people have living with hyperhidrosis. My website has been built around an ethos of trying to help people and give them a safe haven to come and discuss their experiences with confidence.

If I find a product that works for people I will try and give reviews of it and point you towards it. However, everyone is individual and you are the only one that can decide what is right for you. With your physician’s advice and with the Sweaty Solutions community, we can hopefully find solutions for everyone and make a smack difference to people’s lives.

If anyone wishes to share their experiences anonymously or have their name credited to their writing, please send me a draft and I will proof and place on the website posts. You can do this either within the comments section or by emailing me directly on


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