Hypnosis for Sweating

Hypnosis for Sweating – Can hypnosis cure sweating?

A darn good question! You and I both know by now – without needing to be in touch with a medical expert – that some excessive sweating is caused by the mind. When I say that I don’t mean that we’re making it up! I mean that we can affect the amount of sweating by the way we feel.

There are of course many who suffer from hyperhidrosis of the face, neck and body who have an underlying medical condition and therefore this particular discussion isn’t really for them. In that case you would need to do a bit more digging and get in touch with your medical professional.

However, if you’re like me – and may God help you if you are – you may get nervous before meeting people, before big social events or before important meetings. I consider myself a very confident person, AND YET I’m an absolute bugger for getting anxiety sweats during the first 5-10 minutes of meeting people – including meetings with clients, training sessions and even when meeting a large group in the bar for drinks. Of course once the initial anxiety is over the sweating subsides and everything is great again. There are other problems of course, whereby the sweating can make me feel even more anxious and then it’s just never ending circle of anxiety and sweating until I finally manage to get a grip.

Knowing what we know about this, one would expect that if it were possible to get rid of the original anxiety, it would follow that the sweats wouldn’t start and one would feel far more comfortable and confident. This in turn would lead to no sweats at all and a great day!

Can Hypnosis Cure Anxiety?

We’ve attributed the cause of this particular sweaty discussion to anxiety. I must say that although I recognise that I get anxiety sweats, there are many other factors that certainly aggravate the fact. These include, smoking, eating the wrong foods, being somewhat overweight and other generic bad lifestyle choices.

That said I can confidently say after having tried simple self-relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques – they help massively! Or at least they did for me. I guess you have to buy into this and not expect to be able to turn yourself into a cool dude with endless swagger – or even make yourself act like a giraffe eating toast. It’s not that sort of hypnosis!

You are looking for something that can help you relax and change your vision of the thing that makes you anxious. In my case it’s the need to understand that there is absolutely no reason to be anxious. I’ve been doing my job for 8 years now and I do it very well. I know what I’m doing, I don’t struggle with any part of it, the people I deal with are great and in 8 years I’ve never been in any situation that requires anxiety. Being calm and being able to change your thought pattern is key to this.

You need to understand that I’m not a ‘New Age’ lovey dovey alternative medicine preacher. In fact for the most part I laugh it off. But if I tell myself that self-hypnosis is just a name for it, and the outcome is as simple as a relaxation and change in thought pattern, then I’m happy with loving this.

Which Self-Hypnosis Should I Use?

Well, there’s thousands out there I’m sure. I’ve tried 2 of these and they’re both easy to get hold of and easy to use. What’s more you’re not conned into buying 15 things you don’t even want!

hypnotherapy for sweating


A simple and reputable site with a huge array of self-help downloads and CD’s. Prices range from around $15 upwards. You only need targeted downloads, so don’t get dragged into buying 10’s of these things! They do a very good bargain discount when you buy 5 downloads though and this could be worth a look especially when you think that some of the underlying issues may be solved with this technique – such as smoking and eating. Interesting and thoughtful downloads that – if you allow the time and dedication – can certainly help allay some anxiety and other things that may be holding you back.



self help for sweatingSelfHypnosis.com

Another very reputable and seemingly perfectly aimed downloads. This is the simplest site in my opinion due to it’s simple interface and the fact that the downloads (hypnosis sessions) are much more direct and easy to attribute to the kind of problems I wished to buy for – for example they do a specific download for Social Anxiety Phobia, which is exactly what I needed. No need to buy anything else, except I did plunge for the Anxiety Calm and the Stop Nail Biting, which I’m yet to try. For £9.99 (approx $15) why on Earth not?


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