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August 26th, 2015 by Lee

How to Cure Sweaty Hands

How to Cure Sweaty Hands

He Can’t Help You I’m Afraid

So, hopefully in this post we can discover some solutions and look at how to cure sweaty hands. Like I’ve said a few times in my posts, I’m no doctor and so I’m going to try and keep away from any technical medical terms. I must also say that for any form of medical application you should really go and see your doctor first, after all that’s what they trained years for.

There are numerous ways according to the trusty old internet to cure sweaty hands, from sacrificial burials of small furry animals at midnight to actual medical things that really work! I would try and stick to the latter if I were you.


How to Cure Sweaty Hands 2

Picture of the Dr Hönle Idromed 5PS

I wondered for years how to cure sweaty hands but never really did the research into it. I believed, like many, that it was just one of those things some people have to live with.

Let me tell you about my experience of Iontophoresis (using tap water). This really remarkable process passes a current through the palms of your hands and, after a few sessions, you will hopefully start seeing results and having drier hands. It certainly worked for me! The lucky people of England have this treatment available on the NHS through referral from your doctor. If you don’t live in England then things may be a little different and you should check with your physician.

I personally went straight in for the kill and bought one from a reputable distributer. The option to rent it was actually available but I thought “What the hell…” and just bought it. OK they’re not cheap but $500 – $1000 dollars for perfectly dry hands and the confidence that it brings was enough to push me. I carried out a few sessions at home of about 30 mins and then after maybe 3 sessions I cranked up the current and carried on for perhaps 4/5 sessions. I quickly found that my hands were getting so much better and the feeling of having dry hands is actually really odd to start with. Now that I finally have the dry hands that I was after, all I do now is a ‘maintenance’ zap every week of around 30 mins.


Of course there are always other options for you and there are a multitude of antiperspirants on the market. There are many creams that claim to alleviate the problem too, but so far I’m not hearing good things about that. As a sufferer you already know what applying a cream will do to your hands!

Having used and abused Perspi Guard before now I can give you the inside story and tell you that I found this to be a great product. Of course different products work better on some than others, but if it’s a quick, short term fix you’re after then I’d recommend you check out my reviews HERE.


If anyone has anything to add then please comment below or of course email me on – thank you.


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August 21st, 2015 by Lee

Why do I Have Sweaty Palms?

Are you wondering if you’re the only one? I know I was. Always asking myself, “Why do I have sweaty palms?”. I always felt like I must be really unfit or something was clearly wrong. Having clammy hands isn’t the greatest thing in the World as most of you will know.

Sweaty palms is usually an indicator of palmer hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and usually caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system – in the case of Primary Hyperhidrosis. Sounds very technical huh? Well, yes it is but if you can imagine that the signals from your nervous system are telling your sweat glands to pump out lots of sweat in order to cool your hands down. Most excessive sweating on the hands (palmer hyperhidrosis)

A Little About Me

I’m a busy business consultant and trainer and I get to meet numerous people each day. These people can be clients with whom I have a professional relationship, candidates within a training programme or directors that I’m pitching to or advising. I’m a confident person and in full flow I have the knowhow, the intelligence and the persona to fulfil their needs. I also have sweaty palms.

Confidence Killer – How Sweaty Hands Affects Me

a sweaty handshake

A sweaty handshake can ruin your confidence in meetings

That moment arrives after completion of a training course, a meeting or a general good bye. My hands are clammy to the point where my finger tips are wrinkled, just like after a bath or shower. At this moment I have a few options:

  • When nobody is looking I could blow on my hands to dry them off a bit.
  • I could use the bit of paper towel I had prepared earlier to blot most of the dampness off.
  • I could wipe my hands down my trousers.
  • I could avoid shaking their hand; their are numerous excuses for this, including not wanting to pass on some bug, or pretending to have OCD.
  • Or, I could just lunge in, shake the important person’s hand and how that they don’t cringe away when they feel my sweaty hand.

This isn’t the end of the world of course, and I’m pretty sure that I haven’t lost any business or friends because I have sweaty palms. However, the confidence just suddenly drains from me as soon as I get to that point of shaking hands. Nobody wants to touch another person’s hand that is dripping wet, surely.

Sweat Can Affect Your Love Life

Sweaty palms can be off-putting in a relationship

And What About Personal Life?

Business aside can you imagine snuggling up to your other half and having your hand on their leg, only to leave a wet patch on their jeans, or crinkle their skirt because of the damp hand? Worse still was meeting that better half in first place – no hand holding I’m afraid. I’ve even gone to the point of not holding the hands of my nieces and nephews even when near a road – If my sister knew I’m pretty sure she would kill me for not following road safety. Think about it though, you’re supposed to be the fun, trendy Uncle (or Aunt of course), and then they find out you have cold, damp hands – kids are not the most tactful of people on Earth.

There’s Always a Solution

As I’ve dug into this over the years and started to talk to people I’ve found that it isn’t just people with sweaty palms but there are a multitude of sweaty issues that people have to live with. Fortunately there’s a huge array of solutions out there to suit anyone’s needs and there’s no need to live your life with this ridiculous affliction.

For me it was Iontophoresis. This slightly odd but amazing solution has worked wonders for me and still brings a smile to my face even now. I say “solution” as opposed to cure because although Iontophoresis has stopped the sweating for me, it’s something that I have to do periodically to ‘keep it topped up’.

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